The Virtual Healing Room
Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1) Who are you?

I’m Dora, the energy healer for people who are ready to fast-track their emotional healing work so their past traumas and emotional upsets impact their futures for the last time. People work with me to release the energetic blocks that keep them acting from their wounded selves so they can confidently move forward, making decisions and taking action whole and healed.

I am a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor (certified to practice on both people and their companion animals), and my clients have experienced profound healing through this amazing modality.

I am also an accurate Intuitive Reader, having performed thousands of intuitive readings for clients over my lifetime.

Finally, I have worked as professional Consultant and Group Training Facilitator for much of my career, and employ those skills in my clients’ service, as well.

2) What services do you offer?

At the moment, I am offering Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions, for both people and their companion animals, along with intuitive card readings (which may include mediumship if anyone steps forward from the other side) by request.

3) When can I expect to receive my first newsletter?

Newsletters are published on January 1 (Winter Edition), April 1 (Spring Edition), July 1 (Summer Edition), and October 1 (Fall Edition). When you sign up for your free newsletter subscription, I will send you the most recently published newsletter as a welcome gift.

Integrated Energy Therapy® Questions

1) How do I book an Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) appointment?

It’s easy! Just use the drop-down list on my contact page , selecting your preferred service from the options provided. You can use the "Additional Comments" section to share your availability, if you wish.

If you are booking three sessions at the reduced rate, please be aware that a minimum of one week between appointments will be built into your appointment schedule, and that all appointments will be scheduled within three months of your first booking date.

Following your appointment request(s) submission, I will send you a welcome email and invoice. Your appointment(s) will be confirmed once your invoice has been paid in full.

You will receive a meeting web link one day prior to your scheduled appointment time.

2) What can I expect during an IET® session?

During the IET® healing session, we will begin by briefly reviewing the contents of the consent form, along with any questions you may have about IET®. We will then step away from our devices and you will find a comfortable, private spot to lie down with your eyes closed for approximately 45 minutes.

During the session, you may experience various sensations, including heat or cold, tingling, light headedness, and/or emotional release (i.e. crying or other strong emotions). It is also very normal to not experience any sensations at all, or to simply feel relaxed. Regardless of your experience, please know that the healing session will be equally effective.

Once I have completed your healing session, I will unmute my microphone and ask you to take a moment to relax and contemplate your experience(s), and then we will return to the online call to discuss your experience, my observations, and any questions you may have. I may also give you "homework" if I intuit that doing so will support you on your healing journey. The entire session should take roughly 60 minutes.

3) Is there anything special I need to do after an IET® session?

After your session, please drink a lot of water, as this will support your body in releasing any naturally occurring chemicals which have collected in your body because of the energetic blockages that were embedded in your tissues.

You will also want to plan a somewhat relaxed day following the healing session, setting some time aside to think about what was released and why, so that you can determine how best to reverse certain patterns in your life which may be keeping you stuck. You may also wish to create a vision board or begin journaling following your healing session, to maintain your forward progress in your personal healing journey.

4) Why should I book more than one IET® session at once?

Depending on the number of energetic blockages encountered, and your willingness to release them (this “willingness” is sub-conscious), more than one session may be required to experience the full effects of this healing modality.

Often, the sub-conscious only allows the release of a certain number of blockages at one time, to guard against spiritual and emotional overwhelm. In subsequent sessions, those blockages which were held onto will most likely release because you will have processed the previous session’s work and will be able to handle more releasing.

5) How can I support my pet during and after their IET® session?

Your pet’s IET® session will be quite similar to yours, only shorter because animals don’t carry their “stuff” around to the same degree that we humans do!

During your pet’s IET® healing session, we will begin by briefly reviewing the contents of the consent form, along with any questions you may have, on an online video call (meeting link will be sent to you the day prior to your pet's appointment time), and then we will mute our microphones while I proceed with the healing session. During the healing session, which will take roughly 20 minutes, please do not try to restrict the animal’s movements, and avoid having them undertake strenuous activity unless they do so of their own volition. It is also advisable that you do not attempt to engage verbally with your pet, as their desire to please you by responding to your request will distract them from the healing work they are experiencing.

Once I have completed the session, I will unmute my microphone so we can discuss my observations, and I will answer any questions you may have. Sessions will take between 25 and 30 minutes.

After your pet’s session, please ensure that they have ample fresh water available to them, as they may want to drink more than they typically do to support their body in releasing any naturally occurring chemicals which have collected in their organs because of the energetic blockages that were embedded in their tissues. You will also want to plan a somewhat relaxed day for them following the healing session in case your pet wants to rest quietly or nap. If they are energized from their healing session, then follow their lead and take them for a walk or run, or have a thorough (and tiring) playtime together!

6) What do I do if I’m having trouble booking my appointments, or have any questions?

If you need some tech support, or have any other questions, send me a message via my contact page and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Policy-related Questions

1) Where can I find your Privacy Policy and your Terms and Conditions?

Scroll to the bottom of any page on this website (including this one!), and you will find both these documents linked in the footer.

2) If I want to cancel my appointment, what is your refund policy?

The Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy are outlined in our Terms and Conditions (Section 8), and you are strongly encouraged to read that document prior to purchasing our services.

Simply put, cancellations made in writing at least 48 hours prior to an IET®, EFT, or other one-on-one service appointment will be eligible for fee-free appointment rescheduling to a future date.

If these minimum time frames are not met, if you are late, or are a "no show," you waive any claim to having your payment applied to a future appointment.